Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel is a Brooklyn based artist who was born in 1978, at the beginning of what would become the digital age. Arcangel developed artistically as a web designer, computer programmer and above all, a digital artist and his primary focus has been on exploring the connections between technology, pop culture and the public. Arcangel also creates, performs and records music in addition to working as a digital artist.

What I find the most interesting about Arcangel is his ability to add a comical context to his work, which does just enough to lift the seriousness of what we consider to be art, yet does not overpower the significance of his work. Arcangle is very much a part of the video game generation that grew up with Nintendo and Atari, and being the younger sibling of someone who played video games extensively while growing up, I have a great interest in his manipulations and modifications to what are now considered classic video games. I appreciate that he does not take his work too seriously, yet his work still inspires a social commentary about how the public consumes digital media, and how digital images influence our lives overall. He manipulates technology in such a way that is visually interesting and in a way that blurs the lines between what is purely functional and what is purely aesthetic.

(Arcangle often works within the scope of inside jokes. Here, he makes fun of the looping scenery of the early Mario video game as well as the plants that Mario used to defeat his enemies as he attempted to save the Princess)

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